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Below are some popular frequently asked questions but if you still want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

INCA Design was started in 1998 but our key directors have been working in the marketing & graphic design industry since the late 1980’s. Since then we have experienced a multitude of projects and clients from a broad spectrum of industries.
In 2010 we became proud Silver Plus Patrons of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and continue to support businesses strive for success & prosperity.
In fact, that is what we love about working with INCA are all the creative challenges and people we meet in all business sectors who have a vast variety of specifications.

The INCA Design team is based in Hampshire’s stunning Meon Valley, in the south of the United Kingdom, but it really doesn’t matter if we are not local to you. Our clients are spread globally; some are local businesses, although we do have clients based in London, northern UK, Europe, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. We even have clients who have offices in Japan and Australia and we are very happy to liaise directly with designs or deliveries as required.
Our designs, branding, websites, artwork and all other marketing services, together with our usual friendly customer service, are available to clients who live anywhere.

We pride ourselves on offering a tailor-made marketing service because not only are all our clients from different industries and businesses, they all have individual needs & budgets. Some projects may be large & complex whilst others may be small & simple; INCA can provide solutions for them all. We measure INCA’s success on our clients’ successes and nurture our business relationships for longevity.
The more we understand you, your industry & your business, the more we can offer creative solutions & innovative ideas to drive your business prosperity into the future.

By default all creative works produced by INCA Design remain the copyright of INCA Design Ltd unless contractually agreed otherwise. We always have your business interests at heart and do not consider this to be an issue for you. We are always happy to pass this on to you for your own responsibility & management if you prefer.
The Rights allow protection of the designs and artworks from unauthorised modification, plagiarism or use that is beyond the scope of the original project.

If we are creating a logo and visual identity for you we recommend producing a brand guidelines document too. This illustrates to future graphic professionals the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image for your company through careful use of your logo, typefaces, colours and placement of elements on a page. A document such as this often covers do’s and don’ts and provides a helpful resource to others.
A brand guidelines document demonstrates a level of professionalism within your company that marketing and brand image is an important asset you wish to maintain and protect.

We produce designs and artwork for all reproduction techniques and media whether it’s a design for printing, signage, promotional merchandise, point of sale, corporate clothing, web or digital applications.
The artwork will maintain a consistent and professional yet cost effective representation of your brand.

We offer full turnkey solutions from concepts, design, artwork, production, supplier liaisons, print management and delivery logistics. However if you only require some of these elements, then we are happy to liaise with your nominated business colleagues and existing suppliers.
The choice is yours!

It is often counter-productive to attempt to design your own company logo, stationery & sales literature as quite often home/desktop software is not user-friendly for a professional printer’s specifications. For cost efficient and outstanding results everytime, INCA’s experienced personnel ensures your design is converted to professional quality artwork of high resolution, a press-ready format, liaison with the printing specialists plus logistics management to ensure your delivery by the anticipated deadline.
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Poor results will not reflect your business appropriately to potential customers.

All relevant project details, business requirements and budget restraints are discussed fully with you. We encourage your contribution of ideas, preferred colours, samples of print or websites that you like and, equally as important, any elements you do not like. INCA’s designer will begin your project by researching ideas, considering alternative concepts and then create design visuals which are then forwarded for your consideration and feedback. We offer advice on why we arrived at the design conclusions submitted and are happy to discuss any necessary changes to the layouts, colours, fonts etc.
The design process of amendment and resubmission continues until your design evolves into its perfected form.

This is rare as it is a design process of amendment and resubmission plus with clear communications between us, we continue until your design evolves to your satisfaction. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head first time with clear initial instructions, sometimes it can take a number of discussions and design re-submissions before a client is satisfied with the concept and ready to proceed.
Ultimately we always ensure our clients are satisfied and we have produced work to our highest standards within the confines of your deadline, project brief and budget provided.

Our rates for logo designs can be quoted on application and depends on your requirements and on the number of design iterations we provide.

Your stationery is one of the most important parts of your visual identity. Stationery is often overlooked as simple administrational paperwork but it’s a stealthy method of marketing your company’s brand and corporate image. Stationery design should compliment your logo and be consistent across your branding either signage, corporate clothing, printed or digital applications.
We highly recommend you commission us to complete your stationery design as it’s inexpensive and definitely worth the marketing benefits.

It is often counter productive to attempt to design your own company website as quite often home web software is restrictive with basic template-only designs. With our expertise as web designers and web developers we can follow any bespoke technical specifications to produce stunning results of Intranet systems & Internet websites. There is a multitude of functionality to choose from; database driven, Word Press content management systems, e-commerce sales, enquiry forms, Google analytics, social media links, search engine optimization as well as follow up digital e-shots, e-PDF forms etc.
Your digital presence is your business shop window and is vital in this modern technological age.

It is very simple, all we need are the details of your current web company and where your hosting and domain names are being subscribed. INCA can contact the relevant parties and transfer it on your behalf.
We offer a one stop shop where all your business’ digital essentials are managed together for peace of mind, convenience, time saving and cost effectiveness.

A common misconception is that the more pages, the higher the cost, but not if all the pages take on the same design and layout. It depends on the scale of your design and functionality required – extra functions take longer to develop and therefore will be quoted accordingly. INCA’s web & digital quotes are based on an hourly rate multiplied by how long we estimate the design & programming will take.
Remember if your budget is initially restrictive then we can offer a website solution to develop as your budget allows.
Once we ascertain all your design & functionality requirements we can offer you an initial estimate. If approved, we will finalise elements then send a detailed quote before embarking on concept proposals.

Most of our clients benefit from our domain subscription, website & email hosting services and can support you with setting it all up to suit your business and staff’s requirements.
INCA offer a one stop shop where all your business’ digital essentials are managed together for peace of mind, convenience, time saving and cost effectiveness.

INCA offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure the most advantageous website to boost your online profile’s searchability by helping your ranking within the leading website browsers which can boost traffic to your website promoting your business & services; ultimately increasing your sales & profits. Other methods are also available.

Yes, we design creative responsive mobile-friendly websites. By embracing digital technology responsive web designs automatically adjust to any screen size, dynamically cropping images on either portrait or landscape displays, for ultimate user-friendly accessibility across multiple devices from web-enabled wristwatches, mobile phones to high-resolution tablets.

We can integrate a Content Management System (CMS), programming into your brochure, portfolio gallery or eCommerce website, intranet or any optimal combination of these. Either bespoke CMS or Word Press will allow you, even with limited expertise, to add, modify and remove some content from your website design. You will easily be able to manage, upload, edit or remove elements such as documents, movies, images, text, newsletters and data as well as updating, revising, and publishing your social media.

Yes, your e-commerce system’s functionality can be customized for complete control to suit your specific commercial requirements plus have confidence with secure payments on-line with your choice of merchant payment provider. Advanced functionality such as Sage accounting integration, stock control, eBay and Amazon product exports are also available.

Please contact us to discuss your wish list! It may be possible to take over and redesign your existing website or even design & programme a completely new one for you bespoke to your business needs.
We can offer initial costs in a free proposal for you to decide if you would like to proceed.

After your website has been published live on the Internet you are now considered a valued client and we will support you in your business’ marketing endeavours with regular contact, carrying out any updates or maintenance, continuing subscriptions and suggesting new ideas to keep your website fresh.
INCA are also able to extend your marketing with complementary opportunities, keeping your corporate identity consistent and your business plan moving forward.